Saturday, August 17, 2002

the last few were a good few
saw all my faves packed into one tiny room and they even performed for me
and then i got on the cool side
the cooler side of...... party
that was the theme
but as per usual ... no one bothered.
how offensive.
my effort was trifle but i still wore the badge and wore it hard.
people are lazy ... lets get thinking....

lunchtime polllogical or lateral .... what are ya?

i bet that everyone says they are lateral. everyone WANTS to be lateral.
everyone wants to be thinking outside of the box.
moving the matchsticks x 3 to create a replica of the eiffel tower in 7 seconds flat.
is laterality an optimistic viewpoint and logicality a pessimistic viewpoint?
is laterality even a goddamn word?
when people initiate logical tactics into a situation you know its gonna get drab.
the back to reality factor restrains everyones idea of a good time.
the lateralist finds a way to out do the norm, solves the problem and is, shorty afterwards, doused in appraisal which they accept with an air of nonchalance and grace.
you know you wanna.

get lateral.
im going to start a campaign.
its not what you wear just the method of your brain
its the cooler side of thinking.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

today was a day if i ever did see one

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

so there it is... ive been connected for no longer than 14 minutes and i am suddenly a blogger.

should i be excited? i guess that hasnt really taken effect as of yet.

im not too sure what the actual subject matter of this blog will be. if there are millions and millions of blogs out there then whos going to notice my blog spring up?

how many blogs go unnoticed? is everyone under the false pretence that 'yeah man, i can like express myself to cyberspace.' - thinking that every submission in their blog has been pondered over by billions of net nuts, assesing its potential subject and paralleling it to their own pointless lives?
maybe. maybe if you think up a catchy title or a spiffy nickname you might pull a stray here and there.

maybe id be better off writing a real journal everyday. on paper with a writing instrument. for my personal use. but whats the point in that? remember when you used to keep a journal and one day after your daily vent you flick back through the last month and read a random entry. you'd just cringe, tear it out and throw it away. imagine if someone found it and read it. now i run the risk of frequently putting my life up on the greatest billboard on earth, to try and fill a void with some understanding. ive signed away a personal percentage of my privacy. and i do have the option to stop it. but i wont . not now, guys cmon i just got started.

i thought id have nothing to say.
maybe this is just the norm. people are sucked into planet blog and for the first fifteen entries they write an endless cocophany of dreary questions adressing 'my life as a blog'.

you can never be an original.

till next time.